Sans oui, c’est non!

Focused on the prevention of sexual violence in the post-secondary community, this organization provides awareness tools and activities. Sans oui, c'est non! raises the issue of sexual consent directly, offers resources for victims of sexual violence and training for student associations and staff members of CÉGEPs and universities in Quebec. This organization unites 46 universities and 47 student associations across Quebec.


Ni viande ni objet : nous sommes contre les violences sexuelles

Frank, positive, and focused on action, this campaign is intended to be a vehicle for reflection on the appropriate behaviours to adopt on the topic of sexual violence. It aims to equip CÉGEP communities with the resources available to victims as well as education, awareness, and prevention measures to use in the student community. Present in some twenty CÉGEPs and shared by numerous post-secondary student organizations and associations throughout Québec, it was developed in Sherbrooke BY and FOR CÉGEP students.


Founded over 20 years ago, Studentcare was the result of student union leaders joining forces to enact a common vision. Together, they were committed to offering health and dental plans to the post-secondary community. As the leading student health and dental plan administrator in Canada, Studentcare provides simple, empowering, and reliable service to more than 1,000,000 students and over 95 student associations across the country.