Who are we?

The Order an Angelot initiative is a partnership between “Sans oui, c’est non!”, “Ni viande ni objet”, and ASEQ to combat sexual violence in student bars. This initiative aims to prevent dangerous situations and to protect those in need.

Why “Angelot”?

We have chosen the name Angelot, “little angel,” because it can be understood in both English and French. Order an Angelot, inspired by campaigns already in place around the world, like Angel Shots in the United States and Ask for Angela in the United Kingdom, is tailored to the needs of students in Quebec.

How does it work?

Participating bars will hang up a clearly visible informative poster in the bathrooms as well as a sticker on their door. Thus, if you feel unsafe or are worried about the safety of someone else, you can go to the bar and notify a staff member of your situation by ordering an Angelot. No questions about the situation will be asked and no justification will be required.

The staff members are then responsible for applying the protocol. The protocol includes information on support resources for those seeking help.


Our objectives

To ensure adequate protection of those who feel unsafe; To prevent sexual violence in bars frequented by the student community.

These objectives will be met through the following approaches: The protective approach: the application of an easy-to-follow protocol; The preventive approach: the receipt of a prevention kit to educate staff and raise awareness of sexual violence.

Who is participating?

Please find below the list of participating bars:

Montréal: Resto-Bar La Maisonnée, Le Saint-Houblon (Côte-des-Neiges), P’tite Grenouille (Montréal), Thompson House,Pub 100 Génies, 2 Pierrots, La Brunante Gatineau: Le Tonik, Québec: Le Pub universitaire de la CADEUL, Le Fou AELIES,Rouyn-Noranda: Bistro de l'UQAT, Sherbrooke: The Gait, La Microbrasserie le Boq, Le Refuge des brasseurs Saint-Hyacinthe: Pub d'la Licorne Trois-Rivières : Chasse-Galerie Chicoutimi : BARUQAC Rimouski : Le Baromètre


Establishments trained on the best practices

All participating bar staff members will follow training on the Order an Angelot protocol and on addressing sexual violence